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Enabling access to safe and quality healthcare abroad

Compare Medical Tourism is an online platform that was started in 2019 in London. We are an organisation that aid and guide the international patient industry. We work with a large number of healthcare providers across the world to help connect people in need to their ideal clinic or hospital. For instance, a person in the US may want to have his plastic or cosmetic surgery abroad but is held back by factors such as price, reliability, and safety (which local healthcare facilities may lack). This platform can facilitate his/her search for a reliable surgeon in countries which specialize in plastic surgery like Brazil totally free of cost.

Our services act as the first step to better treatment and international healthcare. We gather all the important information on healthcare providers, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics in the said countries and provide thorough information on their services and charges. Our website covers a range of medical procedures of varying complexities. Spanning across surgeries such as plastic surgery, weight loss surgery and bariatric surgery to procedures like hair transplant, IVF, dental implants, rhinoplasty, and even cancer treatment. These medical procedures are offered through reputable institutions including the best orthopedic hospitals, clinics, and so on. Each of these institutions has been critically evaluated and is regularly monitored by an international accrediting body which ensures safety and reliability in its medical procedures.

Our aim is to make medical tourism as transparent and economical as possible. We connect hospitals and patients across the world and help them take their first step in their search for a better and affordable cure. Your dream of being treated abroad may be closer than you think.

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What defines us

Medical tourism is becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to accessing safe and quality healthcare due to ease of travel abroad. There are several destinations offering significant savings in comparison to local treatment prices despite factoring in the additional costs of overseas travel.

We have partnered with clinics and hospitals around the world to make the process of medical tourism as transparent as possible. We only list providers who have been internationally accredited by an independent organisation to ensure quality and safety.

  • Quality

    We provide a comprehensive platform to connect with the best healthcare across the world. We only partner with hospitals and clinics who have the highest safety and quality standards proven by having internationally recognised accreditation.

  • Transparency

    We believe that when it comes to healthcare, access to information is critical. We undertake thorough research on all our partner hospitals and clinics providing clear information about prices, facilities, accreditation, reviews and more.

  • Privacy

    Your personal data is safe with us and we will never pass it on to external parties. Medical issues are a personal matter so we only pass on the relevant information to your shortlisted providers with your consent.

Client feedback

With very little medical insurance in the USA, my spine surgery would have cost me a fortune if I had considered to get it done in the US. But Compare Medical Tourism arranged and got everything done without any complications. 

Thanks to the doctors who provided the treatment. A special thanks to the nurses and support that helped me throughout the surgery and my stay in India. Medical Tourism is truly a blessing.

Erric Hoffman
Erric HoffmanUSA
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