Healthcare Accreditation

Good Health care facilities are available around the world. Nowadays getting access to cheaper and better services have become easier in the form of medical tourism. For many countries it has become easier to travel abroad and get treated, but as long as the other country has a good establishment of medical services and practices. It is however difficult to know whether the provider you are seeking treatment from meets minimum quality and safety standards. There are a number of providers and medical tourism agencies who have vested interests and make claims that they may not be able to fulfill. If you are considering putting your life in their hands it is only fair that you are assured that they have met minimum safety and quality standards. The only way to ensure that is by getting an independent, internationally recognized organisation to assess their practice. 

To ease this very aspect of medical tourism, there exist several independent international bodies that possess both the resources and the intellectual capital to facilitate a thorough investigation into the inner workings of a business or facility to ensure it lives up to certain standards.

Accreditation is the process by which these bodies set out certain requirements that need to be met for an efficient and safe work environment and follow up by conducting regular inspections into these locations to make sure those requirements are being stringently adhered to. A professional accreditation factors in multiple areas of concern including hygienic requirements, quality control, workplace safety, and emergency protocols. An organization is said to have passed the accreditation only after it has undergone an intensive examination based on the above criteria.

Hence, you can rest assured that an organization that holds an accreditation status is fully capable of handling the procedure you’re aiming for and is therefore, worthy of your trust. We take extreme care in cross-checking every facility listed on our website to ensure it has been accredited by one of the international bodies listed below.

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