Frequently Asked Questions

What is Compare Medical Tourism?-

Compare Medical Tourism is an online platform that helps patients seek medical treatment abroad. Our services help patients navigate through varying information from healthcare providers around the world.

We filter out the most useful and relevant information for the clients so that they can make an informed decision based on the prices, spoken language, facilities available, overall reviews and accreditation. Our platform identifies and pinpoints the most accurate service that the client is looking for from hundreds of providers and provides the best and most affordable results available.

How does it work?+

First, identify the best possible country for the required treatment. There are many countries that will claim to provide the best possible treatment for the required condition, so choose the one that is economical and reputed. Often times, online information cannot be relied on so that’s why Compare Medical Tourism gets you the best information on various providers across the world. If you are not sure about your destination where you would like treatment you are able to leave this blank and narrow down your search later with our convenient filters.

The client is then able to compare and short list their selected providers and initiate contact with them in just one click! You are also able to click on the providers website for further research into your interested provider.

Why should I use Compare Medical tourism instead of contacting a hospital or provider directly?+

Patients cite word-of-mouth and internet searches as the leading determinant of destination and choice of provider. Our aim is to give you a starting point to initiate your research into treatment options abroad. Many patients do tend to use services of medical agencies however they may have conflicts of interests and may not necessarily present to you the most cost-effective option for you.

Compare Medical Tourism is a platform that gives you the most accurate information from many different countries and hospitals all at once. You can search and get a plethora of information including prices, languages, facilities, accreditation, reviews and more.

Our services are here to fill the gap between the hospital and the client directly. Since many countries have different languages and billing patterns, we help navigate through such problems, giving our clients an easy and hassle free method to search and find the best and most cost-effective treatments abroad.

Does Compare Medical Tourism provide medical opinion and diagnosis?+

Our services do not suggest any treatments, diagnosis, or medical opinions but rather, ask the clients to do their own research for the next step they are willing to take. We simply provide vital information on the providers and make sure all our information is reliable.

Our website is easy to use and navigate through with the option of checking on possible parameters, with easy to use filters and search results.

What additional services does Compare Medical Tourism provide?+

Compare Medical Tourism is basically an information service that gives credibility on the medical institute and treatment abroad. Compare Medical Treatment provides legitimate information on medical services and treatment options abroad that allows our clients to make an informed choice.

We guide them in the right direction by providing crucial information like approximate prices for the procedure they wish to pursue, international accreditation earned by provider, reviews, facilities, etc. The user can then shortlist providers and initiate contact with one click or can navigate to the provider’s website for further research.

What are the documents required for getting treatment abroad?+

The important documents for getting yourself or your loved one treated abroad are:
- Your original passport and the patient's original passport.
- 5-10 passport size photos of the patient.
- A translator or a print out of the communication of the country you are going for the treatment.
- All previous medical records.

What about follow up appointments and therapy?+

If the treatment you opt for requires a follow up and a few therapy sessions, then it most likely will be covered in the initial pricing. But many different countries and hospitals have different rules of procedures, so before opting for any further sessions it is better to do some research of your own and get an estimate on how long the follow ups last and whether they will cost extra. It is always better to do prior research and getting written information from the provider before booking any treatment.

What if something goes wrong after the treatment? Will I have to pay extra?+

This is a very good question and many people have faced this problem as well. The truth is, you will not have to pay extra if there is a minor problem after the treatment. Almost all medical services make sure that you do not face any post treatment issues, but if you do, the hospital will themselves take care of all the charges of making things right and getting you the right treatment you initially paid for. However, it is best to discuss this with the provider and get written confirmation before booking.

Can one stay in the other country after the procedure?+

Yes, the patient and the guardian are allowed to stay in the country after the treatment, for as long as it becomes safe for the patient to travel again. The visa is extended accordingly after the doctor gives the minimum time period to rest before it is safe to travel.

What is Healthcare Accreditation?+

Accreditation is a process in which a separate organisation (which is non governmental, or which does not come under the health care of that country) will evaluate a healthcare organisation to see if it meets adequate quality and safety standards. Accreditation is voluntary and is considered to improve the quality of a generic health care provider by improving patient care.

What are the recommendations for patients considering treatment abroad?+

- See a travel medicine specialist a minimum of 6 weeks prior to leaving
- Get written confirmation on exactly what is covered by the cost
- Take all medical records with you when you travel
- Make arrangements for follow up with a clinician locally once you return
- Find out what activities are safe post procedure e.g. swimming
- Bring all surgical/treatment records back to the home physician
- Check that the hospital accreditation status is valid with the accrediting organisation
- Check with treating clinician what the recommended recovery period is before travel back to home country is safe


By clicking on continue you agree that:

  • Compare Medical Tourism are not making any recommendations for diagnostics or medical care.
  • The quality and safety profile of each provider needs to be individually assessed by the client before booking.
  • The risk versus benefit of each procedure the client opts for needs to be discussed with the providers and treating clinicians to make an informed decision.
  • The price provided is a guide for basic care only and may change depending on personal circumstances and client’s medical history. Travel and accommodation costs are not included in this price.
  • Although we strive to keep all material up to date, the accuracy of all information cannot be guaranteed and clients are advised to confirm with the provider.

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