The Leading 5 Destinations Known for Dental Medical Tourism

Posted on Jul 03, 2020 by CMT
The Leading 5 Destinations Known for Dental Medical Tourism

Good medical care is integral to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Body ailments require timely diagnosis, treatment, and recovery period under the supervision of a knowledgeable medical professional. However, frequently people back out of getting medical treatments because of the high costs involved. Here’s where medical tourism can help one get quality healthcare at a reasonable cost.

The cost of medical procedures tends to vary in each country. So even though you are unable to get the treatment done locally, the same can be availed abroad at a significantly lower price. People might also get confronted with the unavailability of quality healthcare in their native regions. Medical tourism comes to your rescue by giving access to some of the best healthcare treatments and facilities around the world. Due to these remarkable factors, many people are opting for medical tourism these days. According to statistics, more than 14 million people travel to other countries to get medical care every year.

Here we will highlight just one aspect of this universal healthcare service which is dental care. 

The Best Countries for Dental Medical Tourism

A normal root canal in the US and European nations can cost up to 3000 USD. The amount comes down to 200-300 USD in Asia and other nations. So, even after including the travel and accommodation costs, you get to save a significant amount. 

To make the choice of the country easy for you, here is the list of top 5 destinations that are known to provide the best dental care at affordable rates. 


The South-East Asian country has been gaining popularity for being one of the leading providers of the best dental treatments and procedures at an affordable cost. Dentistry in Malaysia got worldwide attention due to the government initiative promoting and regulating healthcare for international patients via the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC).    


Thailand is world-famous for being an exotic holiday destination. However, very few know that it offers the finest and most affordable dental treatment options as well. The country has dedicated health centres and special provisions for international patients. The best Thailand dental treatment facilities can be found in Bangkok and Phuket.   


The number of people visiting Turkey for dental services keeps spiking every year. The country has been at the forefront of dental and medical tourism thanks to the affordability, skilled medical professionals, and state of the art clinics. The best place to access facilities for Turkey dental tourism is in Istanbul.  


With the USA and Canada as neighbors, Mexico is considered as the top destination to avail medical dental tourism. The low real estate prices and labour costs of the country bring down expenses by several notches compared to the neighboring states. Compared to the US one can save up to 30-70 percent by getting dental implants in Mexico. You can get dental treatments done at the world class facilities located in Mexico City, Tijuana, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and San Miguel Allende.  

Costa Rica

Just like Mexico, Costa Rica attracts a significant number of patients for different medical procedures, notably dental, due to the proximity from Canada and the USA. The costs are remarkably low and easily accessible. Top-quality and reliable Costa Rica dental facilities can be found in San Jose. 

While all of the above-mentioned countries have the best dental tourism offerings for you, it goes without saying that one has to research well to get in touch with a certified dental professional for quality and safe care. Compare Medical Tourism offers the perfect platform for patients in need of guidance concerning choosing a country and healthcare facility for dental or other medical procedures.

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