A Comprehensive Overview of Dental Tourism Worldwide

Posted on Aug 01, 2020 by CMT
A Comprehensive Overview of Dental Tourism Worldwide

Medicine has come a long way from where people saw it decades ago. The possibilities are limitless and with the advent of medical tourism, the world has become a small place with a myriad of opportunities for your health. Dental tourism is a wing of medical tourism that facilitates thousands of patients travelling to other countries to undergo dental care, surgeries, dental procedures, and treatments.

The primary consideration for most patients opting to get dental care abroad is the worth factor. Take this example: A dental implant can cost somewhere around $9000 to $10000 in the States, whereas in different countries like Mexico and Peru, dental practices make implants available for something in between $3000-$5000. Diversified medically well-equipped countries like Thailand and India are additionally recognized to offer further reduced prices in dental care.

What are the perks and how the process works?

Dental tourism can be beneficial for people who lack dental insurance coverage and are willing to get high-quality dental care at relatively low prices. In a nutshell, you can say that if much needed dental surgery is too expensive, or patients lack dental insurance, dental medical tourism can get them covered for the surgery or care.

Apart from the economic factor, quality healthcare with skilled professionals and better facilities abroad is another factor that drives thousands of patients to travel abroad for medical tourism worldwide. Patients opt for dentistry in Malaysia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico to undergo cheaper dental surgery. The need for dental tourism is growing fast and promisingly, with the hiking costs of healthcare.

Major dental tourism hubs across the world

The statistics can be staggering, but as per some popular surveys, more than 14 million people travel to different countries to get medical care every year. Several nations all over the world excel in dentistry, and to make the choices more manageable for you, we have shortlisted some popular destinations for medical tourism.

  1. India

On average, the dental implant cost in India ranges between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 45,000 that is lower by at least 60-80%, when compared to similar procedures in the USA and the UK. India excels in providing internationally accredited facilities using the latest technologies. The highly qualified implantologists/dentists/maxillofacial surgeons, along with the support staff are a delight along with the very competitive prices.

  1. Mexico

Mexico is one of the most preferred tourism options for American dental tourists. Cities like Cancun, San Miguel Allende, Puerto, Tijuana, Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas are very much popular, and the dental implants in Mexico cost 30-70 percent less than most European countries.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica dentalis a popular alternative for Canadians, while Europeans, for more complex procedures like implants and oral surgery prefer Hungary where there are more dentists per capita than any other country.

  1. Thailand

Thailand has so much more to do than just being the exotic holiday capital of Southeast Asia. Thailand dentalis mainly famous for cosmetic, and sedation dentistry, and the fan following for dentistry in Thailand is increasing astoundingly with each passing year.

  1. Turkey

Turkey is a popular option for people from Europe and Middle East. Turkey dental experiences a skyrocketing number of tourists every year. The country is a pioneer of some of the most popular dental facilities and has state-of-the-art clinics along with a skilled healthcare workforce to assist patients.

Pick an option after an analytical approach for the comparison of prices and by evaluating the dentistry skill set in each country. Or you can always go for the experts at Compare Medical Tourism for guidance and a comparison of dental procedures all across the world and other healthcare facilities.

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