The Flourishing Industry of Aesthetic Medical Procedures Abroad

Posted on Aug 11, 2021 by CMT
The Flourishing Industry of Aesthetic Medical Procedures Abroad

Three months after a horrifying road accident, David was finally able to walk on his own. It took months of therapy, both physical and psychological, for him to gain that confidence. David was grateful; he had survived but the accident left his face heavily scarred, to the point where looking at the mirror was no less than a trauma itself. The doctors suggested facial reconstruction and plastic surgery, but the cost was too much; David’s family couldn’t afford it. They started looking for an alternative and that’s how they came to know about affordable plastic and cosmetic surgery abroad.

Delving deeper into the idea, David found out that he could get plastic surgery in Malaysia or Turkey, and it would cost him a fraction of the cost quoted in the UK.

David’s story is the one that we are sure would resonate with many reading this blog. Yes, his procedure was a necessity; however, there is nothing wrong in wanting to fix the natural jawline or get fuller lips, or maybe get a hair transplant, to feel good about one’s appearance; feel more confident.

However, aesthetic procedures and treatments in the UK come with a substantial medical bill, which not many can afford. Luckily the rising prominence of aesthetic procedures and cosmetic surgery abroad give those same people the chance to get their desired look without falling into financial debt.

Countries Famous for Affordable Aesthetic Procedures

To give you a better idea of the notion, here is a quick review of the most common procedures and the countries that offer the same at reasonable prices.

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Don’t mistake plastic surgery with cosmetic procedures. They might seem to be the same thing but tend to differ in their cause and effect. Plastic surgery is more about the reconstruction of the natural look that has been affected by an external cause as we say in David’s case. A cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is more like an aesthetic augmentation or makeover with a lasting effect. Plastic surgeries are often followed by cosmetic procedures to add more finesse to the new reconstructed look of the patient.

In recent years, Brazil cosmetic surgery, has gained a lot of traction among medical tourists. The same goes for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, India, etc. Even including the transit and accommodation cost, the cost would be less than half of what they charge in UK hospitals.

Hair Transplant

The country that has garnered global recognition in aesthetic treatments like hair transplants is Thailand. It has some of the best clinics with qualified and experienced specialists who can offer high-quality procedures at affordable prices. A lot of tourists undergo hair transplants in Thailand while vacationing on its pristine beaches and exotic islands.

Are you thinking of getting a butt lift surgery or breast augmentation? Want to know about the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey? Not sure how to approach the overseas clinics for your procedure? Then, Compare Medical Tourism can help and be your guide in the process. With its roots in the UK, the company has a global presence through its worldwide activities in the medical tourism industry. Compare Medical Tourism has been helping patients get the treatments they seek across the border at an affordable cost and through a hassle-free process.

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