Medical Tourism: Treatment-wise Medical Cost Comparison Across Geographies

Posted on Aug 06, 2021 by CMT
Medical Tourism: Treatment-wise Medical Cost Comparison Across Geographies

The impact of globalization on medical services has surpassed all expectations, adding normalcy to the idea of seeking healthcare across the border. In the last decade, the medical tourism industry has flourished in leaps and bounds, crossing $54.4 billion in 2020. As per market projections, the industry will reach $207.9 billion with a 21.1% CAGR by 2027. What’s the secret behind this exponential growth? A simple medical cost comparison of different procedures across geographies would clarify the reason why.


Among all the other healthcare issues, infertility has become a global concern, with a sharp decline in the human birth rate across several geographies. Couples, due to multiple contributing factors, face difficulties in conceiving a child the natural way. While IVF is the solution for that, the cost of the procedure is too high.

Some have to take out a loan or drain out their savings, just to realize their dream of becoming parents. However, in recent years, medical tourism has given such couples a shot at becoming parents by seeking the procedures abroad. Why? Because it is affordable without any compromise on quality.

Let’s do a quick comparison, shall we? In the UK, the cost of a single IVF procedure is £5000 (per cycle, excluding the cost of drugs). In comparison, IVF cost in India is £1400. IVF in Turkey would cost you £1800, and IVF in Malaysia would foot a medical bill of £2000.


There is no denying that cancer treatment is quite expensive. Owing to the high price of drug trials, chemo, radiation, supporting procedures, and medicines, a lot of people back out from proper medical help, some succumbing to the disease. Medical tourism has become a blessing in this domain, with the chance for patients to get cutting-edge cancer treatment abroad at fraction of a cost in their home nations.

Did you know that medical tourism in Mexico and Singapore became popular because of their exceptional cancer care clinics? If we compare the healthcare cost, it shows that what might be £12000 in the UK comes down to £1000 in Singapore. Similarly, cancer treatment in Mexico would cost around £1700. This was an estimated cost comparison of a general lung cancer treatment in three different countries, and the difference is self-explanatory.

Similar instances can be found in other procedures as well, such as:

  • The average cost of dentistry in Malaysia for a simple implant is £850 compared to £2500 in the UK.
  • The medical bill for orthopaedic in Singapore, let’s say, for a knee replacement, is £3200. The same in the UK would start from £12,500.
  • If you want to get cosmetic and plastic surgery abroad, a breast augmentation would cost £2300 in Turkey and £3000 in Brazil. However, the same procedure in the UK would cost around £8000 or more.

To summarize, if you cannot get any of these treatments in your own country, you can always seek quality healthcare services abroad. It is affordable, easily accessible, with the best team of medical professionals and state-of-the-art clinics. If you need some help with appropriate medical cost comparison or any help setting the appointment or planning the itinerary, Compare Medical Tourism can help. It is one of the leading organizations with a global healthcare network, leveraging which they assist and guide you through your medical tourism experience. Book a consultation with their experts for further details on their offerings.

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