Top 3 Asian Nations Spearheading the Global Medical Tourism Industry

Posted on Jun 11, 2021 by CMT
Top 3 Asian Nations Spearheading the Global Medical Tourism Industry

Over the years, Asia has emerged as the medical tourism hub of the world. It’s evident in the rapid progression of its state-of-the-art facilities, advanced treatments, and procedures, which have generated several medical success stories. Other than that, if you run a medical cost comparison, the healthcare services offered in Asian countries are more affordable as well.

Owing to these contributing factors, each fiscal, the number of foreign patients visiting Asian countries has increased exponentially, seeking varied treatments and surgeries ranging from cosmetic procedures and dentistry to cancer and IVF. Here are the top three Asian nations that have set precedence in the global medical tourism industry with their innovative and affordable healthcare infrastructure.


The Asia Pacific medical tourism industry is projected to surpass $19.87 billion by 2025 from $7.79 billion recorded in 2020 at 22.4% CAGR. One of the biggest contributors to that market share is Malaysia. Millions of patients from all over the world travel to Malaysia to get treated for diverse medical conditions, ranging from minor ailments to complex surgeries. In 2019, the country generated more than $1.7 billion in revenue, which has notably increased by now.


  • Affordable medical and procedural costs of dentistry in Malaysia along with cancer treatment, orthopedics, etc.
  • Advanced techniques and procedures for plastic surgery in Malaysia, with minimum side effects.
  • Post-op care cost is also minimal in the country.
  • It has multiple healthcare facilities with cutting-edge medical technology and a robust infrastructure.
  • The climate is perfect for the recuperation of the patient.
  • Travel and accommodation costs are lesser.
  • Getting a medical visa is easy.


Like Malaysia, this tourist favourite holiday destination is a preference for many to get procedures mostly related to aesthetics. You can find the best clinics for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and hair transplant in ThailandThe country welcomes more than 3 million foreign patients every year, who undergo a wide range of wellness and healthcare procedures during their stay. It adds substantial revenue to the country’s GDP.


  • Top-notch healthcare facilities with the best team of healthcare personnel.
  • The medical rates are 30% – 70% cheaper than the UK and the US.
  • Many doctors undergo their education and training abroad in some of the best medical colleges.
  • The medical facilities have a minimum waiting time for foreign patients.
  • It is one of the best places to rest after undergoing a procedure.
  • You can get the minor procedures while on vacation.
  • Many JCI accredited hospitals offer treatments and surgeries powered by cutting-edge technology.


Turkey’s popularity as a healthcare provider has skyrocketed in recent years to a point where at present more than 32% of the patients in the country are medical tourists. Whether you are getting cosmetic surgery or IVF in Turkey, the cost is significantly lesser than in America and the European nations.


  • Other than having affordable healthcare, many of the hospitals in Turkey are US-accredited.
  • Access to the best hospitals and clinics for minor to major treatments.
  • Its geographical placement makes it easily accessible for both the East and the West.
  • The travel expenses are reasonable.
  • Quick response to patient queries and minimum waiting time for procedures.
  • Proper accommodation for post-op care of the patients.

Whether you are getting cosmetic surgery in Turkey or IVF in Malaysia, you must consult with medical tourism experts, like at Compare Medical Tourism, to expedite the process and avoid any hurdles on your path to quality healthcare.

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