Top 5 Countries Offering the Best Treatment and Facilities to Medical Tourists

Posted on May 14, 2021 by CMT
Top 5 Countries Offering the Best Treatment and Facilities to Medical Tourists

Medical tourism is not just a 21st Century phenomenon. Experts and researchers have traced back its origin to the Sumerian civilization in 4000 B.C. Similar references have been found in the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, where people used to travel to get rejuvenated and seek health treatments. Modern-day medical tourism, be it getting dental implants in Mexico or IVF in Turkey, is a classic example of humans going back to the old ways, to their roots with a contemporary twist or upgrade.

Medical Tourism Benefits for Patients

The enchanting beaches and remnants of the old Mayan culture in Mexico or the beautiful ethnic and cultural diversity of India basking under its rich and ancient heritage; you can enjoy all that while getting an IVF treatment or a dental implant. That’s one way of seeing medical tourism. However, you might simply travel to a foreign country to just seek medical attention and that suffices as well. The practice has many benefits, such as:

  • Even the most complex and expensive treatments and procedures, like cancer, IVF, and cosmetic surgery abroad, are affordable.
  • Access to state-of-the-art healthcare facilities with the best team of doctors, surgeons, and medical staff.
  • Insurance benefits and coverage, provided you are insured with the right company.
  • Personalized care and provision to explore the scenic beauty of the place while in recovery.

Since we are on the topic of medical tourism and its benefits, let’s take a quick tour around the world, exploring the leading nations known for offering affordable yet advanced medical treatment and procedures.


One of the fastest-growing economies, India might be a developing nation but boasts some of the best healthcare facilities for IVF treatments, bariatric surgery procedures, dentistry, and more. For instance, the dental implant cost in India ranges between £290 and £480, while the cost of a single IVF trial starts from £950. Medical expense for the same treatments in the UK comes up to £2500 and £5000 respectively. You can rest assured of the experience and expertise of the medical professionals in India’s top hospitals and medical facilities, as they are world-renowned.


Malaysia attracts hundreds and thousands of patients from all over the world seeking a variety of treatments. According to Statista, more than 1.22 million medical tourists visited the country from 2011 to 2019. Lead by some of the best doctors and surgeons, plastic surgery in Malaysia is the most sought procedure that people visit the country for.


South-East Asian countries are top destinations for cosmetic surgeries and procedures involving aesthetics. There are top-notch clinics in the region especially in Thailand, where you can get it done at a much lesser cost. While getting a hair transplant in Thailand, you can also enjoy the tourist destinations the country is famous for.


Turkey might be famous for its unique cultural heritage, historical monuments, relaxing hammams, and exquisite cuisine. But there is another side of the country that attracts foreigners from all over, i.e., a robust medical infrastructure that offers a varied range of treatments at affordable prices. From IVF treatments and organ transplants to finding the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, the place can suffice all your needs.


The final destination on our list is Mexico, a country that has risen in ranks in the past decade owing to an advancing medical and healthcare architecture. Whether you are getting treated for cancer or undergoing a procedure for dental implants in Mexico, all take place at state-of-the-art facilities that would hardly hurt your bank balance.

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